How to plan a successful family reunion

Ten months ago two sisters and I embarked on a plan to host our first family reunion.  None of us had any experience doing something like this and two weeks ago we held an incredible event.  I would like to share each step of how we planned and carried out this Western theme round-up.  I have many emails and cards testifying to the professional level of the event we hosted.

I come from a family of 15 siblings.  It had been almost 48 years since most of us had been together in one reunion.  Oh we did the usual family thing and weddings and funerals dictated our time together.  We knew for years that we were overdue for a reunion. 

Eighteen months ago, my husband and I began hosting a local monthly family get-together in our house.  That developed into theme-based potlucks that were so successful that the rest of the family asked us each month what our current theme would be and how we were carrying out the theme that month.  Finally, two sisters called and asked if we would consider hosting a family reunion using the same idea.  Create a theme and invite the whole family down to Texas.. 

September of 2009 the three local sisters and our spouses embarked on this ambitious project.  We knew the expectations were high because everyone had heard so much about our monthly get-togethers.  I began reading books and searching websites for ideas and soon found we had all the materials, talents etc. needed right under our noses.  You will not believe how inexpensive yet professional this reunion was.  

It is my goal in this website to stir you to action.  You are more equipped than you think and you do not have to have tremendous financial resources. 

Please check out the following pages as I take you through our progress month by month.  It never felt like work and it actually was a very enjoyable experience planning the reunion.

My thanks to the following vendors who made our
reunion such a success:

Holiday Inn Express Addison, TX
Hobby Lobby Carrollton, TX
Creative Advertising USA (

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